About me

My name is Anna Tomka.

I live in Budapest, Hungary. I work as a Software Engineer, and in my free time, I paint and draw. Usually, I draw portraits with pencils. But lately, I work on my painting skills too. Right now my favorite painting medium is acrylic.

I try to draw/paint every day. I think it is important to create a habit, to sit down a create something every single day, even if I can’t finish it.

After I finish a painting or drawing, I write about my experiences in my blog section. These are not always success stories. But I tell you even the bad parts, every (bad) mistake I make.

Currently I sell items on Society6 and Redbubble, but I planning to have a shop here too when I have plenty of painting to sell 🙂


I love creating portraits with any kind of medium. This is one the most important theme for me.

Acrylic Painting

This is a brand new field for me. I’ve painted before in watercolor, and in the summer of 2018, I started to use acrylics.

web development

This is what I do for a living right now. I have a degree in Software Engineering and I work as a Frontend Engineer.