Acrylic Painting Here We Go!

Hello everyone!

This week I decided to try acrylic painting. I’ve painted before, mostly with watercolors, but once (years ago) I remember trying out oil painting too. What I liked about it, that I didn’t have to worry about a mistake because I knew that once it’s dried, I can lay out a new layer on top of it so I can cover my fault.

In watercolor, you have to be really careful with your layers. You can go wrong in many ways and don’t take me wrong, this has good effects too. In many cases from these little mistakes, you have surprisingly good solutions. But I personally like to paint in a much more predictable way. When I sit down to create something, usually I have a quite complete image in my head, about how I want to carry out things. Maybe this will change later, but right now I like to have full control over the painting.

That’s why I chose acrylic. It is similar to oil painting but has some resemblances to watercolor too. For example, you can add water to the paint as well to create a transparent layer, but once it’s dry you won’t be able to lift that color.

So once I had my decision to try this technique I headed to the art shop to buy some paint and a paint knife to mix colors. I bought some basic colors like titanium white, cadmium red, cadmium yellow, burn umber, ultramarine blue and some black.

I searched for some good tutorial on youtube and I found a really good channel by Will Kemp. He is extraordinary good at teaching and painting too. There are some free tutorials with basic shapes so I decided to start with these. I always hurry when I try something new (I can’t wait to paint acrylic portraits) but I try to be patient this time.

My first attempt was to paint a cherry. It was quite frustrating at the beginning (with mixing colors and also this was the first time my new easel was in action) but once it started to look like a cherry everything was fine and relaxing like painting should be 🙂

Yesterday I painted another quick (~3 hours) acrylic painting. This time I tried to paint an apple, which turned out to be a much more difficult exercise than the previous cherry. 🙂

Today I plan to do a quick color weel. This can be helpful later on when I try mixing new colors. Then I plan to paint a simple still life again.


Anna Tomka

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