5+1 video for beginners who want to learn digital painting

First things first, I've just started to learn digital painting. I have many images in my head, that I'd like to paint in Photoshop, but I'm really far from creating them. To tell you the truth my biggest achievement is an apple that I painted a few days ago. I have to learn and practice a lot, so I decided to collect as many learning resources as I can.

And I can say, I have many youtube videos to choose from. In this blog post, I recommend some of them that were truly helpful and gave me a lot of good advice so that I can begin creating my very own first digital painting. I prefer drawing portraits, so most of the following videos are related to portrait painting.

1. How to Paint Skin Tones (in Under 5 Minutes) by Paintable

This is a short video about how you can easily change skin tones in Photoshop. Paintable.cc is a wonderful channel, I recommend to watch all of their youtube videos and to take their free course too. On their website, you can also join their "Academy" and have a premium membership where you can get many resources (brush tips etc.) and downloadable exercises.


2. 10 WORST Digital Art MISTAKES 💀 (Shorter Version) by Aaron Rutten

You will make mistakes, many mistakes. I can guarantee that. Why not prevent some of them at the beginning already? This is a shorter video about 10 bad mistakes you can make. Watch it and avoid them!


3. Painting Light & Shadow Basics by GrawvyRobber

Digital painting is not so different from the traditional one. There are basic rules you can learn to make your painting more realistic. The following video is about lights and shadows which are fundamental in any kind of painting.


4. Digital Painting Walkthrough: Portrait Tips & Tricks by Paintable

Paintable again. If you've just watched my first recommended video without checking their channel here is a second video where you can get a lot of tips for portrait painting. I watched this video a million times, it's one of my favorites :) 


5. Painting a Digital Portrait in Photoshop by Aaron Griffin

Often it can be really useful to just sit down and watch other artists paint their artworks. There are plenty of time-lapse videos available on the internet, where you can observe other's creating process. There is no frustration in this, it is quite calming to watch how these beautiful works are born from a blank artboard. You can also learn different techniques and even get some ideas to your next artwork.


+1 Painting Fundamentals by Marco Bucci

One last timelapse at the end of the post, a 101 painting by Marco Bucci. This video is part of a playlist called "Digital Painting Lessons", it has many more videos, so be sure to check them out too.



Posted on September 05, 2017 By shereen

Cool list , I’m going to check them out, thanks !

Posted on September 05, 2017 By Anna Tomka

Thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

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