Green everywhere! My 6th acrylic painting finished

My latest acrylic challenge was to paint a very greenish landscape. I followed Will Kemp’s tutorial from here: and it came as my 6th successful acrylic painting. Basically, it should have been a simple 1-2 hours painting, but I couldn’t stop at the small details and I thought it will be a good challenge to paint the trees and bushes in more details. And more fun too.
The trees had less challenge, but the water… It was hell. Not exactly the water was my problem, rather this mirroring effect on its surface, because I never painted something like that.
In the end, the painting looks good, but I think I still need a lot of practice in color mixing. It was a very good practice, I learned so much from it. Next time I will paint a landscape again, which I plan to enter into a challenge. You’ll see it soon!


Anna Tomka

❤ #drawing #painting #coding

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