Lemon nightmares aka next acrylic challenge finished!

This week I finally received my new paints which were needed for my next acrylic challenges. That means I was back in the painting game, again. And OMG, the next puzzle of Will Kemp was one hell of a ride for me. I’m talking about this exercise right here.

Oh, hello lemon tree! May I paint you with the wrong color?

The image I supposed to paint shows part of a lemon tree with a few leaves, branches and lemons. It didn’t seem to be a hard job (again), but I managed to make it much more difficult when I chose the wrong blue shade right in the beginning.

Instead of the aquamarine blue, I used phthalo blue (:facepalm:). So when I tried to mix it with burnt umber (which is supposed to make it neutral and with some help of titanium white, it can make my perfect gray), it just didn’t want to look like the gray it supposed to be. I was very frustrated and I didn’t get it at first, why my colors are so off. Here on the image (right) you can see the difference in the background between the two shade. The phthalo blue burnt umber combination was much more a blueish gray tone, the other one (which I needed) is a very neutral gray color. Anyway, I realized my mistake, and I went back multiple times to cover it 🙂

How I can’t paint leaves after all this time

Another hard time I had with the leaves. I think it is still hard for me, to look at everything abstract in the beginning. Many times I just jump into the details, because I really like working on tiny details. For example when portrait drawing, I have to remind myself very often not to take too much time on the eyes, because I tend to work on it much more and I lose focus on other parts of the image.

So in case of the lemon tree leavee, I just couldn’t see them as a green-yellowish abstraction first. I tried to paint the individual leaves and made everything worse. There was a point where I really thought I’m gonna throw out the whole thing 🙁


Final result aka don’t worry, I saved you, lemons!

Then I guess I could solve the issue although my artwork didn’t end up the way the practice suggests. Anyway, I’m glad I could save that lemon tree and in the end, I really like the colors of it.

What’s next?

This was my fifth practice. Next exercise is painting a fish, which is a little bit boring for me (I’m sorry), so I decided to jump to the one after that. It will be a summery landscape painting with many vivid (mostly green) colors which fits perfectly to the current weather here in Hungary (~32° all day). I’m looking forward to it!

By the way, I also added a glossy finish to every painting, so it could protect from light, dirt etc.

Also worth mentioning that I already gave away two (lemon tree and jug) of my five very experimental acrylic paintings. It just really makes me happy that there are a few people out there who would like to hang my painting on their wall. Cheers to that! 🙂


Anna Tomka

❤ #drawing #painting #coding

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